New Pavement Updates – May 22, 2024

New surface is not bad! There was a situation last week where crews prepped the surface for a layer of final asphalt, but they didn’t get time to finish at the end of the day and left the exposed tar oil for about 1/8 mile. The next day it started raining, and the shine made it hard to tell where the oil layer was until you were on top of it and it was like suddenly being on ice. Many bikes and a few cars slid out. That won’t happen again.

Today they finished the entire southbound lane final layer, which took about 4 days, and got a couple of miles in on the northbound layer going from state line back into TN. Tomorrow they should get about 3 more miles done, then they’re off for the holiday weekend, back in on Tuesday, and it the weather cooperates, should be done by end of the week. Here is some video from today also: