I published 11 videos over the weekend from the Dragon to our Patreon page, and I just want to take a minute to talk about that.

I recognize that I’m mentioning/linking to that new service in practically every post, and for some of you frequent visitors who are not members, that may get repetitive or make you feel some kind of negative way. I’m really not trying to guilt anyone into joining, and I hope you can overlook those mentions of the service and appreciate the more frequent updates and content that we are now sharing. I am totally ok with people choosing not to sign up for that…everyone has their own reasons and difficulties in life they are dealing with, and I still love y’all. We cool.

But mostly, keep in mind that there are always new people who are seeing every post for their first time, and those are the people we are trying to reach and let them know about this new community in case they’re interested.

Now speaking of community, I am going to attach one of those private videos from last Saturday below, a video I probably wouldn’t have even bothered shooting had it not been for the overwhelming support of our Patrons, and even if I had shot it before, I probably would have just sat on it and not published because it shows some controversial content that I know is going to create a wave of negative comments. Even with this being typed out in the description right here, watch how the comments tend to be just draining to read.

I WANT to share what is really going on with you guys, the good and the crazy, but the social media feedback loop had just gotten me down to the point I saw no reason to make the effort.

So if you are a more positive person tired of the negativity like I am, then consider joining us over on the Patreon community linked below. Yes there is a small fee if you want to join, but that conveniently tends to weed out the types of grumpy people who would never pay to be a part of something, so we end up having mostly constructive, positive discussions about the things posted, rather than me dreading even posting it, or not posting it at all because I know it will just be a bunch of armchair bitching.

Thank you all for following us and supporting us by sharing, liking, and commenting on all posts as well. We really do appreciate you all!


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