Weekend Update – April 19, 2020

Well last weekend was a pretty interesting one. Friday was beautiful and a little busier actually, saw quite a few sweet machines. Saturday was a bit colder and less busy, but the end of the day brought about some interesting vehicles. First my buddies with the RadMower (my nickname for it, not his 😉 trike and Jet Ski bike stopped by the store. Then I was up roadside hanging out with one of our shooters, and this crazy “Legends” race car goes by. I caught up to him a few miles down the road got a bit of footage from behind, then he pulled over to let me by, so I stopped and talked for a minute about driving etiquette, then put a camera on the back of my car and he followed me for a few miles to the store. Not too often we get to see something like that!

Now onto some info and opinion…

*Factual Section*

Today the county is lifting restrictions on travel through the county, although restaurants are still restricted on indoor dining, take-out/drive-thru only, and hotels/rentals are restricted as well at least for a couple more weeks most likely.

*Opinion Section*

I know there is some kickback toward the county from all of this roadblock shenanigans, and I can’t say that I blame anyone. I have been a pretty strong champion of this town, encouraging people to come check out the area, promoting the local businesses, despite the fact that my business profits nothing from people coming here. I’m one of the few businesses based in this town that does not require people to come to this town to earn income. Financially I could care less if you come here or not.

I promote this town simply because I think it’s a smart place to visit/stay if you are here for the reasons that most of my viewers are here for. It’s located smack in the middle of some of the best roads in the country. Period.

If you choose not to do business with the local establishments after all of this roadblock business has passed, I understand, just know that almost ZERO local businesses wanted that to happen. This was a case of local government making a decision they felt was right, and these business owners didn’t get a say in that. They can’t really survive on local traffic alone, and I’m sure will welcome everyone back with open arms, should you choose to do so.

Whatever this other handful of hatefully vocal locals think should not stop you from doing what you want to do, and if anything I say don’t let them get their way by letting them run you off. The majority of people here are not loudmouths spewing rude comments, they’re just good friendly folks that welcome visitors and mostly keep to themselves, so you don’t hear from all of them.

Either way we hope you all are doing well, stay safe, and we will be back soon with another update. Thank you all for the continued support.