April 9, 2020

Road/area summary as of 4/9/20:

Not much has changed. The entire 11 mile section of Hwy 129 known as the Dragon is open and accessible from the North/West TN side down past the stores. Foothills Parkway is also open. You may see some signs on the way in stating roads are closed or restricted ahead, that is in reference to Graham Co./Robbinsville, NC, several miles south/east of the Dragon.

TN and NC have “Shelter-at-home” mandates active, which exclude outdoor activities like going for drives or riding your motorcycle. Obviously use precautions handling fuel pumps, avoid gathering in large groups, especially indoors.

The stores on the south end of the Dragon remain open as necessary for any supplies you need. Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort has fuel, food, and drinks. Tail of the Dragon has snacks, drinks, charging stations for EVs.

Graham Co./Robbinsville remains on restricted entry, only citizens of the county, commercial vehicles, and people with medical purposes for entry can enter the county.

Here is a map of the county restrictions: https://bit.ly/33Q59Bi

As always, thank you to everyone for supporting us during this trying time, and please be safe out there.

Please keep an eye on the Tail of the Dragon , killboy.com, and Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort pages for accurate info. Thank you.