Video Cam Rentals & Sales

GoPro Rentals & Sales

We are now offering GoPro and Garmin Virb camera rentals and sales at the Tail of the Dragon outlet store at the southern end of the Dragon on US Hwy 129 in NC, and weekend at the Harley Davidson store just 5 miles from the north end of the Dragon on US Hwy 129 in TN.

Rentals start at $20 for one run across and back, or one run from our setup on one end to our setup on the other end. Or it’s $60/day. The telemetry is an additional $10 (I have to do some work editing the video instead of just uploading it if no telemetry is requested.) There is also a $400 refundable deposit to cover the camera and accessories. You get that back when you return the camera of course. We can process and refund credit/debit cards. To get the footage to you, I bring it home and upload it to our Dropbox space and email you a link to go download your video and do with it whatever you want. There are no other charges to access your video.

For mounting we have several options, like strong suction cup mounts that can lock onto your bike or helmet, clamp mounts that can go on crash bars, etc., and body mounts like shoulder mount vest for something a little different.

Stop by on your next visit and capture the footage of your adventure with our cameras!

10540413_10152646477233140_1126880833767053718_nIf you have rented a camera from us and have any issues getting, playing, or editing the footage from us, feel free to use the “Contact Us” section up top to send us a message detailing your issue.

If you are looking for software to edit your footage, I would recommend the free “Virb Edit” software from Garmin, available here.